Waste Bin Rentals and Herby Curby® Available in Windsor-Essex

Whether you have general solid waste, metal recyclables or wood, bin rentals from Windsor Disposal Services are the perfect waste management solution. Find bin sizes on this page and learn more about the disposal materials we accept. When you work with Windsor Disposal Services, you can count on affordable rates, prompt deliveries and timely pickups when your bin is ready to be emptied.

The Place for a Bin Rental in Windsor

We are pleased to service residential, commercial and industrial clients. We provide free estimates and pricing is available for services 24-7. Windsor Disposal Services provides lockable bins if required and rollaway units for apartment buildings. If you wish to haul materials yourself, learn more about our indoor landfill waste and recycling centre. We’re there for you whenever you need a bin rental in Windsor!

Please note: Windsor Disposal Services shall not be liable for any property damage beyond the roadside curb resulting from our equipment or trucks servicing the equipment.

Windsor Disposal Services also sells the popular Herby Curby® totes – learn more.

Front-End Truck

Small Bins – Front-End Truck

2 cu. yd. – 3’H x 6’L x 3’W

3 cu. yd. – 4’H x 6’L x 4.5’W

4 cu. yd. – 4’H x 6’L x 6’W

6 cu. yd. – 5’H x 6’L x 6’W

8 cu. yd. – 6’H x 6’L x 7’W

Roll-Off Truck

Large Bins – Roll-Off Truck

10 cu. yd. – 4’H x 10’L x 8’W

14 cu. yd. – 4.5’H x12’L x 8’W

20 cu. yd. – 4.5’H x 22’L x 8’W

30 cu. yd. – 6’H x 22’L x 8’W

40 cu. yd. – 8’H x 22’L x 8’W

Ask about our 120-yard transfer trailers for large loads of wood.

Get a Herby Curby® in Windsor

Herby Curby® logo

Partnering together for a cleaner environment, Windsor Disposal Services is proud to join Herby Curby® in selling these durable totes to our valued customers. These are perfect for waste disposal, curbside garbage and recycling pickup. Contact us to buy a Herby Curby® in Windsor and to learn about our current pricing.

48g size

48g Size

  • Length: 28.75”
  • Width: 23.50”
  • Height: 37.50”
  • Load rating: 168 lbs. / 76.3 kg.
  • Wheel diameter: 10”
  • Colour: blue or green
96g size

96g Size

  • Length: 35.25”
  • Width: 24.25”
  • Height: 41.75”
  • Load rating: 335 lbs. / 151.9 kg.
  • Wheel diameter: 10”
  • Colour: blue or green

Product Advantages

  • One Herby Curby® is sufficient for most needs and replaces up to 5 garbage bags
  • Herby Curby® is animal and rodent resistant
  • Tight-fitting lid and latch keeps the top from blowing off
  • Herby Curby® can be moved easily, even when it's full
  • 1-year warranty
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