Waste Recycling Equipment

Choose the Recycling Equipment That Best Suits Your Business

Waste recycling equipment has revolutionized the way enterprises handle their waste. Grinders, shredders and granulators are few of the most commonly used equipment for recycling. Even though all these are used for size reduction, the processes employed vary from each other. It’s critical to understand the difference between the processes of grinding, shredding and granulating, to choose the right equipment needed for the job.

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We have crafted this article to help you make an informed decision while choosing the waste recycling equipment most suitable for you. Let’s take a look at these processes:

1. Shredding

Shredding is generally carried out by machines that have a low speed and a high torque. A shredder is made to shred down large pieces into smaller-sized pieces that fall in the range of one” to two”. Shredders used in industries are designed to address the below-mentioned needs:

· Shred items, such as tires, to small chips to be used as fuel and drain fill etc.

· Shred confidential documents to unidentifiable pieces

· Destroy products with liability issues

· Prepare waste products for various applications

You can select from a range of industrial shredders that vary from plastic and tire recycling shredders to waste shredders and more. They can shred the smallest of materials, which helps in reducing large industrial waste. They can ensure optimum material recovery, besides lowering storage and transportation costs.

2. Grinding

Grinding is essentially chipping off small particles from a large one. The particles are crushed off until the original material is reduced to smaller sized chips; generally less than ¼’’ to ½’’. These particles are fibres or chips which are generally reused for manufacturing new products. Certain applications where grinders are used are:

· Reducing bigger raw material particles to smaller ones. These can be mixed with additional compounds recycled to make new components

· Grinding textile materials, such as carpets, for fibre reclamation

· Reducing organic materials to reuse them for biofuel production

· One of the best applications of grinding is crushing waste materials, such as rubber or plastic, to make it reusable for manufacturing bottles, tires or storage bins

3. Granulating

Granulators are sometimes confused with grinders as they carry out a similar function. Granulators can reduce certain materials to smaller sizes when compared to grinders and they also differ in terms of design. They are best suited for the following applications:

· Granulators are more applicable in reducing small components that range from ½’’ to 8’’ in size. They can be ground to powders in certain

· Granulators are ideal waste recycling equipment for post-processing of materials that are already crushed to smaller sizes

· Granulators are suitable for lightweight materials, such asplastic bottles, which are difficult to be processed in grinders.

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