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Five Tips to Keep Commercial Waste Odour Under Control

Businesses tend to create a lot of waste, which ultimately leads to bad odour. It is challenging to control this odour even if you are following proper waste disposal methods. If you are worried about the smell of your commercial waste, you can follow certain tips to keep it under control. Windsor Disposal Services has been offering reliable waste disposal services since 1986. Our client list includes homeowners, contractors and large corporations. 

Let’s see the methods that you can apply to reduce the odour of your commercial waste.

1. Make use of odour neutralizers 

Odour neutralizers can electronically produce ozone from the atmosphere without the need for chemicals. This helps a lot in air purification. They only need occasional maintenance and cleaning.

2. Make use of chemical agents

A variety of chemicals, including lime powder and clay cat litter, are powerful enough to cancel out odours inside dumpsters. Lime powder is a cheap and effective solution, but you need to be careful while handling it as it can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation. Clay cat litter is a safe and inexpensive solution. It absorbs odours and won’t cause skin irritation.

3. Seal your garbage bag

Seal your garbage bags properly to prevent them from stinking. Garbage bags come in different thicknesses, sizes and have different closure types. You should ensure to select bags with at least a thickness of two millimetres.

Size and closure types are mostly a matter of personal preference. Thin bags are more appropriate for smaller garbage bins, but they won’t be able to bear the stress of dumpsters.

4. Keep containers dry from the inside

Mostly, toxic odours are released due to microorganisms present in the waste. Keep your dumpsters as dry as possible to be free of this problem.

Provide plenty of fresh air to your dumpster so that no bacteria or moisture gets trapped in. You can do this by keeping the top lid of the dumpster open for
several hours each day when it’s not in use.

5.Try to break down the food waste to liquefied form

Pests such as rodents can detect food odours even if the waste bags are sealed. Once they identify the location of the bags, they will tear the bags open and try to eat whatever they can. If your business creates a lot of food waste, ensure to grind them to liquefied from before flushing it down the drain.

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