Keep Rodents Out of Your Garbage

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Garbage and Off Your Property

Rodents want to get on your property, inside your garbage bins, and inside your home for two main reasons: they are looking for shelter and they are looking for sources of food. Rodents can be destructive and noisy, and difficult to get rid of once their make themselves at home.

Here are some good tips from the experts at Windsor Disposal Services for safe pest control strategies that can help keep rodents off your property:

Secure your garbage bins

Rodents love garbage. They love to eat it and they love to hide in it. Keeping your garbage cans and bins secured and inaccessible to rodents is one of the best methods of safe pest control in Essex County. Food waste can be kept in a separate and even more secure compost bin. You should also try to make it so that your outdoor bins are difficult to knock over.

Don't leave food sitting out

Any of the food that you keep in your house should always be stored in closed boxes or containers. Don't leave dirty plates lingering in the sink, and put away all of your unfinished food as soon as you are done eating. Any disposable items used in food preparation should be on their way to an Essex County landfill come garbage day.

Seal up any cracks and holes along your home's exterior

Windsor Disposal Services also highly recommends that you take the time to inspect the outside of your home and the inside of your external walls for any cracks and holes that rodents could use to make their way inside. You should seal any holes you see, as a rodent will find even the smallest and most well-hidden crack in their search for safe and warm shelter.

Keep your property trash free

In addition to not leaving food sitting out inside of your home, you shouldn't leave trash lying around your yard. Even if you keep your garbage bins secured and your property relatively tidy, you should have your bins emptied by a Windsor garbage disposal service and taken to a landfill on a regular basis. Keeping your property as trash free as possible is the only way to ensure that you won't be encouraging rodents to hang around your house after passing by your property.

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