Rent a garbage bin in Windsor

What You Need to Know About Bin Rentals

Need to rent garbage bins for your project? With a little planning, our garbage bin rental services in Windsor is an economical and convenient way to get rid of waste or other unwanted material quickly and efficiently.

Here are six things to consider when planning your project:

  1. Sizing is important. It can also be a little tricky. You don’t want to pay for a large garbage bin if you’re only going to fill it half-way. Nor do you want to be caught with a bin that’s too small and have to rent another one to complete the job! For the smallest and lightest jobs, a 2 – 8 cu. yd. front-load bin may be adequate. A 10 – 14 cu. yd. roll-off bin is perfect for heavy material like concrete, soil and garden waste, but is also big enough to handle a small renovation or roofing project. A 20 – 30 cu. yd. roll-off bin is ideal for medium to large domestic renovations or roofing projects. A 40 cu. yd. roll-off garbage bin can handle the biggest residential or commercial construction or renovation project.
  2. Location. Place your waste bin close to your work site to economize the time and energy it takes to transport your waste to the bin.
  3. Permits. Check to see if a permit is required to have a bin rental on your property and acquire the permit well in advance of the bin delivery date.
  4. Timing. In most cases, you pay for both the weight of waste carted away and the bin rental time. Don’t pay extra for a bin sitting at your work site for no reason! Most bin rental outfits only need a day’s notice for delivery, so order your bin only when you really need it to avoid surcharges.
  5. Protect your driveway. Roll-off bins can leave marks on the pavement. Make sure to protect your driveway with wood before the bin is delivered.
  6. Don’t overfill! By law, bins are not permitted on public roads if they are filled above the height of the bin walls, so keep the volume where it should be to avoid surcharges.

Need to rent a garbage bin in Windsor? Contact us at Windsor Disposal Services (WDS)! We offer rental bin sizes from 2 – 40 cu. yd. at affordable prices. We also offer Herby Curby waste and recycling wheeled totes in Windsor. Whatever your waste or recycling needs are, we can help!