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Your Essex County Waste Collection Services

As the Windsor-Essex Region’s largest and most trusted municipal waste and recycling partner, Windsor Disposal Services provides effective garbage collection in Windsor.Thanks to our front-end and roll-off divisions, we can offer a number of services to those we serve. These include:

  • Waste Pickup (Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional)

  • Recycling (Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional)

  • Plant Management of Regional Recycling Facility

  • Front-End Services

  • Roll-Off Services

  • ...and more

Have We Missed Your Bin?

If an item is not collected for reasons other than those listed below, please contact Windsor Disposal Services at 519-944-8009.

Missed collections are upsetting, but there is usually a reason why material was not collected as expected.

To ensure your waste is collected, please ensure it is:

  • Placed curbside the NIGHT BEFORE your scheduled collection day

  • Within the weight limit of no more than 20 kg (45 lbs)

  • Not hidden behind a vehicle, snow bank or other obstruction

  • Free of prohibited content (e.g. hazardous construction/renovation waste or animal waste)

** Please DO NOT place broken glass and/or sharp objects like knives in your garbage bins/bags. This poses a serious health risk to our employees**

Other reasons for missed collections can be:

  • Unacceptable containers, ie. Plastic shopping bags

  • Not scheduled for collection that particular day

  • Non-collectable waste i.e. computer equipment, electronics, animal or medical waste, concrete, appliances and/or metal items.

Commonly Asked Questions

What kind of items should not be included in garbage?
Items which must not be included in garbage are:

• Hazardous waste such as motor oil, propane tanks and solvents
• Large electronic devices such as fridges and freezers
• Tree roots and manure
• Metal auto parts

What should I do to help my garbage collector?
Clean your area if it is covered with ice and snow. Do not place waste on snow piles.

What is a sanitary landfill?
It is a low-lying waste area between layers of soil. It has an added layer at the bottom to prevent water from contaminating waste.

How can I manage waste at home?

Keep separate waste containers for dry and wet waste. Dispose of the waste in separate waste bags to ensure it does not mix up.

Curbside Pickup Times

Please note that curbside collection times vary from location to location. For the pickup dates specific to you, please check the calendar for your area.

Download the calendar to find our when your collection day is based on location:

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If you are in the Windsor-Essex Region and in need of a dependable, cost-effective waste removal and recycling service, call 519-944-8009 to speak with our general manager. You can also use our convenient contact form to avail our garbage collection in Windsor.


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